A day at the Celler de Can Roca

alumnos de escuela de cocina y hostelería en el Celler de Can Roca

One of the most anticipated visits by the students is the visit to the Restaurant Celler de Can Roca. Last Friday, November 11 the students og High Level of the professional training course in hospitality could again enjoy the warmth and professionalism of the brothers Roca i Fontané at their three Michelin stars restaurant considered the second best restaurant in the world (Saint Peregrine). His desire to continue providing new values ​​to magnify the high level gastronomy and total balance between tradition and creativity, common sense and consistency in relating the image and profitability, make them an example for future generations of chefs.

Importantly, the alumnus Gerard Canudas, first student sent to do an internship of six months at the Celler de Can Roca, is currently employed and working with Jordi Roca at the bakery. The alumnus Jose Delgado of the promotion of 2010 is doing his stage today with Joan Roca. And the Superior Degree graduate Cristina Garcia of the promotion in 2011, has recently joined the team of Josep Roca.