Meatball Sea and Mountain (6 units)


Ingredients: meatball, stir-fried, sea and mountain sauce (fish, seafood, crustaceans) glazed “Platillo” onion (with sugar), minced meat, egg, garlic, parsley, bread mold (gluten) milk, salt, pepper, Satin Hanout (sesame, mustard), Figueres onion, carrot, red pepper, yellow pepper, squid (seafood), cuttlefish (seafood), red pepper, white wine (sulfite), cartoon crustacean (fish, seafood, crustacean), beef juice reduced, butter (milk), shrimp (crustacean), dried Onion, leek, celery, tomato pear, laurel, water, Oil 0.4, Veal Cheek, Onion, Black Pepper Grain and Oil.
Allergens/intolerances: gluten, lactose, egg, milk, crustaceans, fish, seafood, celery, mustard, sulfites and nuts.

May contain traces of: sesame, soy, celery, peanuts and mustard