Professional and specialized courses

Professional Chef Course


9 month programme

Academic period:

From october until july


Monday-Friday from 5pm to 8pm

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This professional chef course will help you start in the culinary world and help you become the chef you always wanted to be in the future. You will start from the basics and gradually acquire essential competitive knowledge to be able to evolve quickly in the labour market. With this professional cookery course you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding cooking, as well as skills in management, supply, menu planning, new technologies, etc.


  • Professional Chef Course : Degree from the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Barcelona recognised by the Barcelona Hotels Association and the Barcelona Restaurants Association.



  • People who have some experience in hospitality but have never been trained and want to improve and obtain a diploma to be able to evolve in the sector.
  • People who have studied something else but want to start working in the culinary world now.




This course consists of two theory classes and two practical classes per week. It also includes masterclass done by great experts within the sector. In addition, thanks to the virtual campus, you will have a support for face-to-face and online classes and you will be able to communicate with the teachers at any moment.



  • High quality training; the only one recognised by the Barcelona Restauration Association and the Barcelona Hotel Association.

  • An overall course, with solid foundation on both theoretical and practical knowledge, in order to help you evolve quickly.

  • Great quality of raw materials.

  • External masterclass with great professionals within the sector with whom you will learn the latest techniques and you will be able to expand your network.

  • Highly qualified teachers, with a great professional and teaching experience, who will accompany you throughout this new stage, advising and guiding you in a personalized way.

  • Large and bright kitchens, so you can learn in the best possible conditions.

  • Volunteer intenship in some of the best restarurants.

  • Exclusive access to a job bank to help you build your new professional project.




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