Guia de Restaurants Vegetarians de Barcelona

Guia Restaurants Vegetarians

Friday, November 4 at 1:00 pm, Councillor of Commerce, Consumer Markets of the City of Barcelona, ​​Raimond Blasi, will present the new “Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona.” The event will take place at the School of Hospitality Service and Restaurants in Barcelona (ESHOB), located in the district of 22 @ Barcelona and will also involve the participation of the President of the Guild of Restaurants of Barcelona, Gaietà Farràs President, and  the President of de Animalist Association Libera, Carlos Lopez.

This guide is designed for all people, adds to the existing on restaurants suitable for celiacs, also published by the council with the aim of contributing to the revitalization of the restaurant sector and the international position of Barcelona as a city open dynamic and diverse, sensitive to its citizens and visitors and respects the environment.

You can chek the guied on line at