I Nestlé Professional Competition

On May 13th was performed for the first time at ESHOB the I NESTLE PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION aimed to our students.

Each participant performed two products made of the Nestle Professional basic products: Chocolate Mousse and Panna Cotta

People in charge of assessing the working were:

  • Josep Mª Figuerola–  Technical Manager for Nestlé Professional
  • Enric Duaso _ Business Manager for Nestlé Professional
  • Jordi Mani – Culinary and pastry technical advisor for Nestlé Professional.
  • Júlia Blazquez ( Alumni Prom 1995) =   RBA Editions.  Director of  Lecturas Especial Cocina Makazine
  • Daniel Orobitg ( Alumni Prom 2006) =    Partner-director  of Auditgourmet Consulting

After assessment by the jury the winning recipes were:

BEST RECIPE: Adriana Álvarez Artasona
BEST PANNA COTTA: Jordi Castro i Ripoll
BEST MOUSSE: José Carlos Zafra Ibañez

Nestlé Professional is an organization dedicated to serving food and beverages, mainly has the following ambitions:

  • Using the perception and recognition we have as a global brand to bring new business ideas to our clients.
  • Establish working relationships even more intimate with you in the food service
  • Using the strength and reliability of our brands, products and systems to help you generate profitable growth in their business and achieve greater customer satisfaction.