ESHOB with Diversey

The Hospitality and Culinary Arts School of Barcelona bets for the systems and products of cleaning of Diversey.

Diversey will give formative sessions to the students on cleaning and disinfection cook. The school has trusted for this matter in Diversey, leader in solutions of cleaning and professional hygiene

For the general director of the centre, Iñaki Gorostiaga, “the wide experience of Diversey and its implication at the time of developing concrete projects with his customers, have contributed positively to the installation of some systems that answer to all the needs of cleaning of our School “. Besides, conscious of the value that the hygiene has in the hospitality industry, Gorostiaga has asked to the company to teach the students all about this subject and help them to understand the significance to develop good habits of cleaning. Diversey. Sturtevant, Wisconsin, USA