Cocktail Competition “Jove de Catalunya”

Last Thursday, January 19, was held at the School of Hospitalityand Tourism Sant Pol, issue No. 29 of the Competition cokteleríayoung in Catalonia where year after year since its inception, the School of Hospitality in Barcelona has been brilliantlyrepresented by different candidates who have competed as students of the school, with very interesting proposals, both classic and modern and creative fruit of inspiration, hard work and passion for a profession increasingly recognized and prestigious as the to be a good “bartender”, knowledgeableproduct and technique to surprise with ever more originalproposal, while bold, yes, with the highest professional rigor and consistency, the result of study skills and knowledge of the mostinnovative working methodologies.

On this occasion, representatives of students fueronRamonArcalís ESHOB Albiol who took a well deserved award for best”merchandissing” and Miguel Angel Navarro Flower with an excellent evocation of feelings and childhood memories toremind us of our early experience with flavors strong.