Annual general assembly de AEHOS

Reunión escuelas de hostelería

The best schools in hospitality and culinary art of Spain, together in Madrid


The Association of Schools of Hospitality industry (AEHOS) celebrated the past May 11th his General Assembly, in which have presented the new Schools associated and the lines of performance for the next exercise, which will hav as priority the collaboration with companies of the sector of hospitality, agriculture and equipment.

As a guest of honor, opened the act the professor and journalist Domènec Biosca, president of the Association of Experts in Tourist Companies and president of Educatur, he highlighted the importance of the education in hospitality industry and tourism as a positive way to get evolve in the current situation of the sector, and congratulated to the schools for his efforts to create “talent and disposition” in the future professionals of touristic enterprises.

The meeting celebrated at the Hotel Catalonia Atocha, began with the welcoming to the new associated schools: Esc. de Hosteleria Gambrinus, CIO Mijas y Esc. Superior de Gastronomía, Hostelería y Turismo de Toledo.

Since the Association first started ten years ago, several schools of recognized path around Spain (Asturias, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Malaga, Toledo, Jaén, Castelldefels, …), have shown interest to be part of this project and his actions for the improvement of the competitiveness and the work opportunities for the students and so for the hospitality industry.

Con una imagen reforzada y de prestigio ante los poderes públicos y el sector profesional, las escuelas AEHOS garantizan hoy por hoy un estándar de calidad en sus modelos formativos, la seguridad de la actualización continua para adaptar el perfil de los futuros profesionales a los requisitos del sector, y una preparación humanística hacia actitudes positivas y valores personales y profesionales muy necesarios para el perfil profesional que hoy día exige la industria hostelera.

With an image reinforced and of prestige in front of the public powers and the professional sector, the schools AEHOS guarantee nowadays a standard of quality in his formative models, the security of continuous update to adapt the profile of the future professionals to the industry actual requirements, and a humanistic education in order to develop positive attitudes and personal/professional values very necessary for the professional profile that nowadays demands the industry of hospitality.