4º Berguedà’s Truffle Competition

Held on Saturday February 4 in the colony belonging to Cal Rosal ajuntament d’Olvan(Berguedà). Contestants were 7 different schools judged by a jury among which the editor of the magazine “Cuiñas”.

The competition was set 100 caps in which you had to incorporate the nose of the region.

Prior to the contest were made presentations around the world of truffles and throughout the weekend there was a fair with stalls to buy products from the nose to promote this typical product of the Berguedà.

Pairs of students who participated are:

Esteban Garcia Diaz and Jose Enrique Losada War (3 Grade Middle morning kitchen.) – Hiscap was “deer cannelloni with truffle cream” made ​​with fresh pasta, tomato and crispy truffledbechamel cheese.

Roger Otten and Milagros Mendez Segura Della Cella (3 Middle Grade Kitchen afternoon.) -His cap was “disguised bomb.” It was a potato mash with black pudding and white mushrooms.In the center a quail egg, fogging and fried, then accompanied with a creamy truffle killed.

Congratulations to the students for such a good representation.