Hoteles Catalonia: ESHOB’s new sponsor

ESHOB has a new sponsor: HOTELS hotel chain CATALONIA join the work and dedication to train future professionals in the hospitality industry.

With these, there are now 11 official companies that support the formation of ESHOB as FiraBarcelona, Cafe Saula, Grupo Damm, NH Hoteles, Nestlé Professional, Gaspart FoundationBonet, FRIP, Expo Hotels and Mercabarna.


Hoteles Catalonia is a family chain of hotels that has not stopped growing since it began. The company made the move from the real estate sector to the hotel industry in the 1980s, and is now one of the leading chains in the urban segment in our country (leader in Barcelona). The chain currently has 51 establishments. 43 in Spain, 1 in Brussels and 7 resorts in the Caribbean (3 in the Dominican Republic and 4 in Mexico). There are also 8 new projects for the coming years. 4 in Barcelona, 2 in Madrid and 1 hotel in Budapest.