11th International Contest “Roses Noves”

ESHOB was part of the 11th Contest of Ornamentation and Creativity with Roses annually organized by the City Council of Barcelona in El Roser Cervantes Park celebrated the days 6th, 7th and 8th May.

The event held several conferences on urban landscaping and gardens, demonstrations of flower arranging and cooking demonstrations on the use of the flower and in the creation of cocktails, as well as in the execution of dishes.

ESHOB cocktail was prepared by the students Marina Morata and Ramon Arcalís for nearly 250 attendees,the cocktail was named: “Petó de Roses i Violetes” wich menas Fiss of Roses and violetes. The ESHOB cooking students Catalina Zornoza, MikeRhodes, Antonio Canovas, perfectly directed by Professor Ramon Alzueta also prepared delicious dishes using roses in diferent ways.