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25 / 10 / 2012

Visit 3º TGM: Bacardí Factory at Sitges


For students of the 3rd course  Standard Level Level – Educational Training – Hospitality Servece
Tutor: Carles Cuende

Beginning of the visit: 12:00 h

Lunch: 14:00 h

Visit ending time: 16:00 h


25 / 10 / 2012

course for the responsible service of alcohol

Students from hospitality service have received a course for the responsible service of alcoholic beverages by the FEBE (Spanish Spirits Beverages Federation). Related to this topic we leave this article by Prof. Xavier Martínez where you can find the 10 commandments of responsible service.

The Ten Commandments of a responsible service are:

  1. Recommended to drink the beverage tasting, drinking slowly, little by little and posing the glass between drinks.
  2. Provides food along with the drink.
  3. Be available and offers enough variety of soft drinks to alternate with alcohol.
  4. Offer to call a taxi or provide information about other transportation options. Please note in your promotions  the alternative drivers.
  5. Do not serve alcohol to intoxicated people (drunk), under the influence of drugs or medications.
  6. Do not serve alcohol under pressure and without being requested by the client.
  7. Do not consume alcohol during your working hours.
  8. In case of doubt about the client’s age, ask for documentation. And remember, never serve alcohol to a minor.
  9. Do not organize promotions or competitions in which to discourage alcohol abuse.
  10. Spread the concepts of UBE (Standard Beverage Unit) and recommends guidelines for responsible drinking.

To read more on this topic visit the school blog in wordpress:

Tú sirves, tú decides (1ª parte)

Tú sirves, tú decides (2ª parte)

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19 / 10 / 2012

2nd y 3rd TGM Sala: Formación para el Servicio Responsable de Bebidas Alcohólicas

training for responsible alcohol service

For students of the 2nd course Standard Level – Educational Training in Hospitality Services

Tutor: Xavier Martínez Aguilar

Training by the FEBE (Spanish Federation of Spirits)

Beginning of the visit: 4:00 pm
Visit ending time: 6:00 pm

Aula Demostrativa


23 / 01 / 2012

Cocktail Competition “Jove de Catalunya”

Last Thursday, January 19, was held at the School of Hospitalityand Tourism Sant Pol, issue No. 29 of the Competition cokteleríayoung in Catalonia where year after year since its inception, the School of Hospitality in Barcelona has been brilliantlyrepresented by different candidates who have competed as students of the school, with very interesting proposals, both classic and modern and creative fruit of inspiration, hard work and passion for a profession increasingly recognized and prestigious as the to be a good ”bartender”, knowledgeableproduct and technique to surprise with ever more originalproposal, while bold, yes, with the highest professional rigor and consistency, the result of study skills and knowledge of the mostinnovative working methodologies.

On this occasion, representatives of students fueronRamonArcalís ESHOB Albiol who took a well deserved award for best”merchandissing” and Miguel Angel Navarro Flower with an excellent evocation of feelings and childhood memories toremind us of our early experience with flavors strong.


29 / 11 / 2011

Visita a la fábrica de Bacardi

alumnos escuela hosteleria ESHOB

On Thursday November 24, students from the School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Services in Barcelona (ESHOB) visited the Bacardi Museum in Sitges. During the visit they could learn the history of the Bacardi brand, the production of rum and enjoyed an interactive class for making mojitos.

The Bacardi Museum, housed in the Mercat Vell de Sitges, offers insights into some of the history of Sitges and its relationship to the Bacardi family, the production process of BACARDI Superior Rum and the development of the Original BACARDI cocktails.

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06 / 09 / 2011

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 – TGS

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 for the students of vocational training – HIGH LEVEL


03 / 05 / 2011

XXVII Cocktail Contest “Ciutat de l’Hospitalet”

Last May 1st was organized the XXVII Cocktail Contest “Hospitalet City Trophy” where took part three students of the Hospitality Services course, obtaining Veronica Valero the third prize.

Important to mention the great work that also did Cristina Juan Rock and Judith López remaining out of the prizes but in ones very meritoris 6th and 8th place of between 17 participants of different schools of Barcelona among with professionals of the cocktail business.

The contest was chaired by the president of the ABE of Catalonia Manel Tirvió, highlighted members of the cocktail world as Josep Maria Gotarda and Jordi Reig in addition to more than a hundred people assistance.


15 / 03 / 2011

(Castellano) Alumnos de grado medio visitan el Priorato


15 / 01 / 2011

XXVIII Concurso de Coctelería “Jove de Catalunya”


03 / 06 / 2010

XVIII Concurso de Coctelería “Ciutat de Lleida”