22 / 05 / 2013

(Castellano) Concurso Raimat Jóvenes Talentos de la Gastronomía

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21 / 05 / 2013

(Castellano) Demostrativa de puros Altadis

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25 / 10 / 2012

Visit 3º TGM: Bacardí Factory at Sitges


For students of the 3rd course  Standard Level Level – Educational Training – Hospitality Servece
Tutor: Carles Cuende

Beginning of the visit: 12:00 h

Lunch: 14:00 h

Visit ending time: 16:00 h


25 / 10 / 2012

course for the responsible service of alcohol

Students from hospitality service have received a course for the responsible service of alcoholic beverages by the FEBE (Spanish Spirits Beverages Federation). Related to this topic we leave this article by Prof. Xavier Martínez where you can find the 10 commandments of responsible service.

The Ten Commandments of a responsible service are:

  1. Recommended to drink the beverage tasting, drinking slowly, little by little and posing the glass between drinks.
  2. Provides food along with the drink.
  3. Be available and offers enough variety of soft drinks to alternate with alcohol.
  4. Offer to call a taxi or provide information about other transportation options. Please note in your promotions  the alternative drivers.
  5. Do not serve alcohol to intoxicated people (drunk), under the influence of drugs or medications.
  6. Do not serve alcohol under pressure and without being requested by the client.
  7. Do not consume alcohol during your working hours.
  8. In case of doubt about the client’s age, ask for documentation. And remember, never serve alcohol to a minor.
  9. Do not organize promotions or competitions in which to discourage alcohol abuse.
  10. Spread the concepts of UBE (Standard Beverage Unit) and recommends guidelines for responsible drinking.

To read more on this topic visit the school blog in wordpress:

Tú sirves, tú decides (1ª parte)

Tú sirves, tú decides (2ª parte)

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19 / 10 / 2012

2nd y 3rd TGM Sala: Formación para el Servicio Responsable de Bebidas Alcohólicas

training for responsible alcohol service

For students of the 2nd course Standard Level – Educational Training in Hospitality Services

Tutor: Xavier Martínez Aguilar

Training by the FEBE (Spanish Federation of Spirits)

Beginning of the visit: 4:00 pm
Visit ending time: 6:00 pm

Aula Demostrativa


18 / 06 / 2012

Gastronomic Tour, Bilbao 2012

Students of the 3rd year of Professional Trainig (Standard Level) in Culinary Arts, Bakery and Hospitality, traveled this past weekend to Bilbao to enjoy a cultural and culinary, accompanied by their teachers: Cuende Carles, Juan Ruiz and Pepe Ruiz.

Among the activities carried out, is the visit to the town of Bermeo. Canning Company belonging to ARROYABE (destined for the world of canned tuna and anchovies).

At noon they visited the facilities of the SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY ARTXANDA, where they were received by the director Mr. Joseba Lozano.

That same day, they visited the AZURMENDI ENEA RESTAURANT (1 Michelin Star), run by chef Eneko Atxa Azurmendi with the following awards:

  • Champion of Spain cuisine for young chefs
  • Best Chef of the Year by the prestigious French gourmet club Fourchettes
  • Nominated best restaurant revelation in Madrid Fusion
  • Euskadi Prize for Best Restaurateur

The next day continued with the itinerary of visits: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Cabo Matxichako / Area emblematic of Biscay), Guernica and visit to the Casa de Juntas del Gobierno Vasco and ITXASMENDI Winery, where they explained the development of Txacoli and finally culminated with a visit to TXOCO “ETXE ZURI.


15 / 05 / 2012

12th International Rose Competition

As every year, at the Park Cervantesof  Barcelona was celebrated the International competition of Roses, organized by the City Council of Barcelona.

This time the students who participated were David Vives Angles (3rd year of standard Level Diploma in Culinary Arts), Helena Ramis (3rd year of standard level Diploma in Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery Arts &Culinary Arts) and Francisco Javier Martin (2 nd year of Standard Level Diploma in Hospitality Services). The professor were Pepe Ruiz and Julia Millet.

The recipes can be viewed on the blog ESHOB


04 / 05 / 2012

XI Edition of the FRIPAN competition

Last Friday was held the Eleventh Edition of the Recipe Contest Fripan products at the Escola Superior d’Hostaleria of Barcelona. This edition prepared recipes with GourmetMuffins.

The winners were:

- 1st prize: David Vives Angles with the recipe ”of herring Clotxa charcoal and thyme”

- 2nd prize: Prat Mateu Adrià with the recipe ”Montadito lamb and roll with peppers and orange pumpkin pate”

- 3rd prize for “Jose Enrique Losada War with the recipe” peppers stuffed with cheesestandard nipple on applesauce and Albariño wine sauce ”

Congratulations to all!


24 / 02 / 2012

Competition “Del mar als fogons”

On 24 February, eight young cooks chosen by a group of experts participated in the Competition of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Cambrils “Fogons als from the sea” in the VII Conference of the Galley and Sea Food.

The schools ranked were from Cambrils, Lleida, Barcelona, Calella, Benicarló and Manresa.

The contest was to prepare and submit their proposals to a panel of culinary experts from theguild, as well as people representing the company Cambrils. The competition began at 9 am and 14 hours was carried out awards ceremony for the winners.

Students ESHOB represented in this contest are:

ALBERT CAGIGAL (3rd course – standard level – professional training – culinary Arts and Gastronomy )

HELENA RAMIS (3rd course – standard level – professional training - confectionery arts and pastry)

Congratulations on the excellent work!


21 / 02 / 2012

It’s time to study what you’ve always wanted! Come to ESHOB!

COME TO VISIT THE SCHOOL. PERSONALIZED INFORMATION. One more year the culinary, pastry and hospitality school of Barcelona (ESHOB), opens its doors to anyone interested in know its modern facilities, courses and services offered, or simply have a curious approach to know the legendary hospitality school of Barcelona.