04 / 05 / 2012

XI Edition of the FRIPAN competition

Last Friday was held the Eleventh Edition of the Recipe Contest Fripan products at the Escola Superior d’Hostaleria of Barcelona. This edition prepared recipes with GourmetMuffins.

The winners were:

- 1st prize: David Vives Angles with the recipe ”of herring Clotxa charcoal and thyme”

- 2nd prize: Prat Mateu Adrià with the recipe ”Montadito lamb and roll with peppers and orange pumpkin pate”

- 3rd prize for “Jose Enrique Losada War with the recipe” peppers stuffed with cheesestandard nipple on applesauce and Albariño wine sauce ”

Congratulations to all!


21 / 02 / 2012

It’s time to study what you’ve always wanted! Come to ESHOB!

COME TO VISIT THE SCHOOL. PERSONALIZED INFORMATION. One more year the culinary, pastry and hospitality school of Barcelona (ESHOB), opens its doors to anyone interested in know its modern facilities, courses and services offered, or simply have a curious approach to know the legendary hospitality school of Barcelona.



08 / 02 / 2012

4º Berguedà’s Truffle Competition

Held on Saturday February 4 in the colony belonging to Cal Rosal ajuntament d’Olvan(Berguedà). Contestants were 7 different schools judged by a jury among which the editor of the magazine ”Cuiñas”.

The competition was set 100 caps in which you had to incorporate the nose of the region.

Prior to the contest were made presentations around the world of truffles and throughout the weekend there was a fair with stalls to buy products from the nose to promote this typical product of the Berguedà.

Pairs of students who participated are:

Esteban Garcia Diaz and Jose Enrique Losada War (3 Grade Middle morning kitchen.) - Hiscap was “deer cannelloni with truffle cream” made ​​with fresh pasta, tomato and crispy truffledbechamel cheese.

Roger Otten and Milagros Mendez Segura Della Cella (3 Middle Grade Kitchen afternoon.) -His cap was “disguised bomb.” It was a potato mash with black pudding and white mushrooms.In the center a quail egg, fogging and fried, then accompanied with a creamy truffle killed.

Congratulations to the students for such a good representation.

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07 / 02 / 2012

3rd TGM Visit: FIRA BARCELONA Facilities


For students of the 3rd course  of Standard Level of Professional Training in Culinary Arts and Pastry
Profesor Responsable: Juan Ruiz

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16 / 01 / 2012

3rd TGM Culinary Arts + Pastry Demonstration: PATRICIA PEÑA

conference/demonstration –  research and development OF DAIRY

For students of the 3rd course  standard Level – Educational Training – Culinary Arts and Pastry
Host: Patricia Peña

Beginning: 8:00 h
Ending time: 10:00 h

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06 / 09 / 2011

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 – TGM

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 for the students of vocational training – STANDARD LEVEL

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06 / 09 / 2011

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 – TGS

Begining of the academic year 2011-2012 for the students of vocational training – HIGH LEVEL


16 / 05 / 2011

I Nestlé Professional Competition

On May 13th was performed for the first time at ESHOB the I NESTLE PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION aimed to our students.

Each participant performed two products made of the Nestle Professional basic products: Chocolate Mousse and Panna Cotta

People in charge of assessing the working were:

  • Josep Mª Figuerola-  Technical Manager for Nestlé Professional
  • Enric Duaso _ Business Manager for Nestlé Professional
  • Jordi Mani – Culinary and pastry technical advisor for Nestlé Professional.
  • Júlia Blazquez ( Alumni Prom 1995) =   RBA Editions.  Director of  Lecturas Especial Cocina Makazine
  • Daniel Orobitg ( Alumni Prom 2006) =    Partner-director  of Auditgourmet Consulting

After assessment by the jury the winning recipes were:

BEST RECIPE: Adriana Álvarez Artasona
BEST PANNA COTTA: Jordi Castro i Ripoll
BEST MOUSSE: José Carlos Zafra Ibañez

Nestlé Professional is an organization dedicated to serving food and beverages, mainly has the following ambitions:

  • Using the perception and recognition we have as a global brand to bring new business ideas to our clients.
  • Establish working relationships even more intimate with you in the food service
  • Using the strength and reliability of our brands, products and systems to help you generate profitable growth in their business and achieve greater customer satisfaction.


11 / 05 / 2011

11th International Contest “Roses Noves”

ESHOB was part of the 11th Contest of Ornamentation and Creativity with Roses annually organized by the City Council of Barcelona in El Roser Cervantes Park celebrated the days 6th, 7th and 8th May.

The event held several conferences on urban landscaping and gardens, demonstrations of flower arranging and cooking demonstrations on the use of the flower and in the creation of cocktails, as well as in the execution of dishes.

ESHOB cocktail was prepared by the students Marina Morata and Ramon Arcalís for nearly 250 attendees,the cocktail was named: “Petó de Roses i Violetes” wich menas Fiss of Roses and violetes. The ESHOB cooking students Catalina Zornoza, MikeRhodes, Antonio Canovas, perfectly directed by Professor Ramon Alzueta also prepared delicious dishes using roses in diferent ways.


10 / 05 / 2011

10th Fripan Recipes Contest at ESHOB culinary arts school

On Friday May 6th, was held at the school facilities, the annual competition of recipes organized by the brand Fripan.

The contest was organised with the aim to share experiences and sinergies of knowledges of the school with the brand Fripan, at the same time that it offered an opportunity of promotion for the new promises of the world of the restoration through the development of new recipes and creations with their products.

The jury was format for:

  • Quique Roca-Umbert | Proprietary Partner | ASPIC catering & services and ASPIC selection
  • Roger Felip | Manager and commercial director Grupo Elafos (ecological food distribution)
  • Jordi Cívico | Sales Coordinator | FRIPAN
  • Jaume López | Technical of big accounts | FRIPAN
  • Sergio García | Commercial | HORECA Barcelona

The students that resulted winning are:

1st place Andrés Felipe Serna
2nd place Jessica Vasquez
3rd place Pilar Campà