NH Hoteles ranks third among European business hotels. NH Hoteles has 394 hotels with 58,844 rooms in 22 countries in Europe, America and Africa. NH Hoteles has atpresent 54 new projects for hotels under construction, which will provide more than 8,000 new roooms. NH Hotels is known for its dedication and the pursuit of customer satisfaction through quality services and constant innovation.
Fira de Barcelona, officially founded in 1932, tr’s of strategic importance to the Catalan and Spanish as a platform for economic promotion and business internationally. It is an exceptional setting for meetings and exchanges of different economic sectors. The company raises full consensus in Catalan society, which values ​​the importance of a modern fair, agile and competitive adapted to the challenges of globalization.
Expo Hotels & Resorts is a family business founded in 1976 with more than 1,700 employees and hotels in Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and Tenerife.company with great experience in organizing meetings, incentives and conferences, both in city hotels, and in coastal hotels. The characteristics of their facilities allow them to receive all kind of groups and offer innovative solutions tailored to their needs, being flexible, dynamic, creative and versatile, to offer added value.

In Fripan over the last twenty years we have been close to our customers. Always innovating with the same dedication and enthusiasm with which we started. We’re close to you as a leader in the market of frozen dough, part of the Europastry Group with a wide range of high quality that suits the needs of business and consumer trends.
Fundació Gaspart Bonet
Damm Group is an organization whose business is based on the manufacture and distribution of national drinks, mainly beer, and the provision of services. The satisfaction of consumers, customers, shareholders and employees is the foundation upon which rests the search for competitiveness and profitability, in turn, helps us deliver a quality product while respects the environment and personal safety.
Café Saula was founded in 1950 when the young Lluís Pons Saula following the family tradition, started the company Café Saula. Soon his wife, Doña Maria Teresa Ouig Montserrat, joined the business bringing their commercial arts and enthusiasm. The company currently produces over one million two hundred thousand kilos of coffee per year and holds a leading market reputation.
Mercabarna (‘market of Barcelona SA) is the managing company of the Food Unit that concentrates the Whole sale Market in the city of Barcelona as well as numerous signatures of processing, trade, distribution, import and export of fresh and available frozen products.


Nestlé, as a leading food and beverage, has a challenge: nutrition, health and welfare of their customers at every stage of his life, at all times and place. This gold has been there always to seek the highest quality All products and a firm commitment to innovation and research. A decision that is reflected in its threefold commitment: to consumers, innovation, quality.

NH Hoteles ocupa el tercer lugar del ranking europeo de hoteles de negocios. NH Hoteles tiene 394 hoteles con 58.844 habitaciones en 22 países de Europa, América y África. NH Hoteles tiene en la actualidad 54 proyectos de nuevos hoteles en construcción, que supondrán más de 8.000 nuevas habitaciones.

NH Hoteles se caracteriza por su la vocación de servicio de sus empleados y la búsqueda de la satisfacción de sus clientes a través de la calidad de sus servicios y la constante innovación. Los establecimientos de NH Hoteles cuentan con las más avanzadas tecnologías para facilitar al cliente tanto la comunicación como el trabajo y el entretenimiento.


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